Jarman Center, Tuscola, Illinois

Children of Old people Meeting March 2013 Jarman Center Senior Living Tuscola IL

Doctor to CHOP - CHOP to doctor glossary

At this meeting we discussed physical therapy help available for elders from Community Home care of Sullivan. There are many benefits of physical therapy with chronic pain, not just post surgery or fall. Improving how well someone can rise from a chair, walk down the hall or get on and off the toilet is needed for better well being. It was really interesting to learn about the electro stimulation therapy to improve muscle strength to help reduce falls. The nurse even put the pads on her own calf to show how the impulse was not painful and could specifically build up the strength of areas affected by stroke or neuropathy.

Having a nurse to ask more questions that really affect the adult child in care giving is so helpful. Some of those in attendance asked how to get a doctor to order physical therapy in an aged parent when it is for a chronic condition. The frustration of not being understood by some of the medical providers was discussed and soon we discovered that the words that families use may not spark the attention of the medical staff. In other words, we need to know the right words to use that will catch the attention and really speak to the doctor. So we came up with a little glossary, which will likely be build up over time. Keep checking www.jarmancenter.com CHOPS page for updates!

CHOP words Medical staff words
"I am afraid my dad will fall and hurt himself" = "his fall risk is increasing"
"It's hard for dad to do his hobbies" = "dad's quality of life is decreasing"
"getting up, moving, holding the phone is harder" = "dad's functionality is decreasing"
"I worry when I see how he walks, gets out of the car" = "transferring is declining"
"It's hard to go anywhere" = "dad is homebound ( he is not driving)"
"Dad is not shaving as much, wears the same clothes" = "self care is decreasing"
"writing checks, bathing un assisted, cooking, reading" = "activities of daily living"

Try using the medical staff words the next time you are at the doctor's office to describe what your concerns are. See if this helps you have a better understanding with your medical provider about your elder's wellness and life.